If you would like to learn more about coal mining in Scotland, examine aspects of the industry, or explore your own family history, our Reference Library is an excellent place to start. You will find a range of books, journals, documents and other materials covering the history of coal mining in what is the largest collection of such material relating to the industry in Scotland.

Academics and students find the Library to be a valuable source of detailed information for their research projects, but this is open to anyone with an interest in Scottish social and industrial history. If you are researching your family history you are welcome to make an appointment to visit the library where we can help you to search for more background details to a relative’s involvement in the Scottish coal industry.

To use our Reference Library, please  to make an appointment. Please remember that we are not currently set up like a public library so it is very helpful if you can give us as much detail as possible about what you are looking for before your visit so we can try to identify and prepare material you might find useful.  This should allow you to make the most of your time here.

If you have an enquiry but cannot visit, please fill in an Enquiry Form or contact us.

We many require you to observe special instructions when handling items and ask that you abide by the Library Rules below.

There is no charge for using the Library, but the Museum is always incredibly grateful for donations.