The National Mining Museum Scotland (NMMS) is committed to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy. This is the Scottish Government’s flagship policy for driving high quality and fair work, and workforce diversity across the labour market in Scotland. To fulfil these principles NMMS will adopt fair work practices:

Real Living Wage

  • Staff are paid the Real Living Wage.

Effective Voice and Opportunity

NMMS will provide the opportunity for the workforce to contribute ideas, be listened to and heard. We will achieve this through:

  • A recognition agreement with trade unions.
  • Appropriate channels for effective workers’ voice, including one to one, all staff meetings, surveys and forums, and open communication and feedback channels.
  • Investment in workforce development through training and appraisals.

Job Security

NMMS will provide job security to the workforce to help with their sense of well-being and being a valued part of the organisation. We will achieve this through:

  • Opposing the use of fire and rehire practice.
  • No use of zero hour’s contracts.

In line with Museums Galleries Scotland’s Fair Work First recruitment standards, NMMS will create a more diverse and inclusive workplace through recruitment best practice.

Workplace and Value

NMMS understands that our workforce achieve their best through respectful relationships at all levels. We will achieve this through:

  • Recognising the importance of health, dignity, wellbeing, staff efforts, contribution and work life balance.
  • Rewarding and recognising good work through discussion, affirmation and good line management relations.
  • Ensuring a friendly environment that is solutions orientated.
  • Providing a management open door policy where possible.
  • Creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace including flexible working arrangements where appropriate.
  • Hybrid working where achievable.
  • Ensuring a welcoming and inclusive workplace, which engenders healthy and happy work relationships.

The NMMS Fair Work First Statement is available to download.