This exhibition is now closed

Miners’ Strike (Pardons) Scotland Act 2022 Display

This temporary exhibition highlights the significance of the Miners’ Strike (Pardons) Scotland Act 2022, which ensures a collective and automatic pardon for miners involved in strike action and extends to members of a miner’s household and other close family members who may also have been convicted.

The display aims to increase awareness of the Act to communities across Scotland by providing information on the Act, alongside objects that relate to the 1984-85 Strike, from National Mining Museum Scotland’s Recognised Collection. Objects on display include; A copy of a letter from 10 Downing Street, selection of strike badges and stickers and original support for Miners poster. The messages that the objects portray is a call for support for mining communities, due to the hardship felt as a result of the strike.

The display will be accessible at National Mining Museum Scotland until the 30th April 2023.