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This new exhibition, entitled Sakubei Yamamoto: A Life of Coal Mining in Japan, focuses on Sakubei Yamamoto’s memories of life at the coal mine, through high quality digital reproductions of his ink drawings and watercolour paintings. The images are displayed in the Special Exhibition Gallery alongside images from the museum’s own collection, and create a comparison between the nature of coal mining in Scotland and Japan specifically focusing on the impact on people and the communities.

Artist Sakubei Yamamoto (1892 – 1984) lived and worked as a coal miner for around 50 years in the Chikuho region in Japan. In his sixties, he started recording his memories of life at the coal mine, through ink drawings and then watercolour paintings.

Sakubei’s detailed folk art paintings and writings are recognised as rare and highly significant records of a personal experience of coal mining society in Japan.  In 2011, his collection was the first Japanese works to be awarded the Memory of the World status; one of three major heritage programs sponsored by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

Entry to the exhibition, which will run through to 30th October, is FREE of charge. Events will be running alongside this exhibition, please find the most up to date information here. For further access information, please see here.

The exhibition is a partnership with the Japan Society, Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan, Bridge Together Project, Beyond 2020, Tagawa City Coal Mining Historical Museum, Tagawa City and Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-20.