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    Miners’ Strike (Pardons) Scotland Act 2022 Display Opens at NMMS

    Posted by Gillian Rankin

A new display highlighting the significance of the Miners’ Strike (Pardons) Scotland Act 2022, was officially opened today at National Mining Museum Scotland in Newtongrange by Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans MSP Keith Brown.

The Act ensures a collective and automatic pardon for miners involved in the strike actions and extends to members of a miners’ household and other close family members who may also have been convicted.

The display aims to increase awareness of the Act to communities across Scotland by providing information on the Act, alongside objects that relate to the 1984-85 Strike, from National Mining Museum Scotland’s Recognised Collection.

Cabinet Secretary for Justice and Veterans Keith Brown said: “This welcome new display marks the passing of ground-breaking legislation by the Scottish Parliament which seeks to ease the sense of injustice still felt by many because of one of the most bitter and divisive industrial disputes in living memory.

“This landmark legislation – the first in the UK – was brought forward by the Scottish Government to restore dignity to those convicted during the dispute and provide comfort to their families. The collective and automatic pardon took effect from 27 July last year.

“It is right the National Mining Museum Scotland has brought focus to this chapter in Scottish life. As next year will be the 40th anniversary of the 1984/85 strike, it is also right that the UK Government should now take forward a UK-wide public inquiry to give individuals and communities the answers and closure that they seek.”

Nicola Moss, Curator at National Mining Museum Scotland said: “The Miner’s Strike (Pardons) Scotland Act 2022 ensures an automatic pardoning of people convicted of certain offences during the 1984-85 Miners Strike. The display at the National Mining Museum Scotland will offer the opportunity for people to learn about this Act and view objects on display that relate to the 1984-85 strike. They include a selection of strike badges, stickers and a copy of a letter from Downing Street from 27th February 1986. We hope that this display will spread awareness of this Act to communities across Scotland.”

The display can be viewed in the visitor centre at National Mining Museum Scotland until the end of April 2023.